Tonight, we make bean burgers.

For our first Thursday night dinner we made white bean burgers and beet salad from the cookbook Seriously Delish. I’ve loved How Sweet Eats blog from the time I stumbled upon it and I was excited to tackle these recipes and add our own flare.



Micah’s take:

Even though I found the burgers filling, if it came to take it or leave it, I would leave it. I wanted to add all of the bacon instead of just 4 pieces. Following a complex recipe was a welcome challenge and gave me a chance to bond with my sister without other distractions.

Erika’s take:

Burgers were good and extremely filling. We did have to add extra flour to thicken them, but that might have had to do with the extra beans we added. We also preferred an ice cream scoop to making patties by hand. Love the simplicity of the beet salad with the goat cheese and microgreens.

Kid’s take: 

Bjarke ate it. Win!


We will be back again next Thursday with stuffed chicken breasts.